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MYW Logistics is a freight forwarding company based in Melbourne Australia, established in July, 2013. We focus on supplying one stop service for shipments flowing beween Australia and China to meet characterized cargo requirements of small business from AU or CN.

Our Vision

As a fast growing company, we strive to provide a flexible business policy to meet our clients' personalized logistic requirements. We are aiming not only in cost savings but also in creating added value for both our clients and ourselves.

Company Profile

We always prioritize the reliability of our services. That's why we have partnered with renowned names in the freight forwarding industry. When selecting our service providers, we place great emphasis on their reputation and experience. These factors are crucial in ensuring the quality and reliability of the services we provide.

We currently have our own fleet of vehicles and a Quarantine Approved warehouse.

Our fleet is composed of experienced drivers who ensure efficient and reliable transportation services. Whether it's small-scale cargo delivery or large-scale logistics projects, we can meet your needs and provide flexible solutions.

Our Quarantine Bonded Warehouse designed to meet the strict requirements for storing and handling goods subject to quarantine regulations. As a bonded warehouse, we adhere to rigorous customs and quarantine procedures to ensure the safety and integrity of the stored goods.

We understand the importance of reliability and security in logistics services. Therefore, we continuously strive to enhance our service standards







Australian Business No. 88 164 712 467

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